Should We Really Be Mad at BP?

It certainly is easy to be mad at BP for what's happening in the Gulf.  Fish and other marine animals are dying.  Fishermen are out of work.  Tourists are no shows.  And the oil keeps leaking out.

It certainly is easy to be mad at our government.  Where were the regulations?  Why are damages limited?  Who thought that letting the oil companies police themselves was a good idea?

It's a lot harder to look at ourselves and our own oil consumption.  The above graphic was provided, wouldn't you know it, by BP.  It is found over at The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain.  Of note, it shows that with about 5% of the world population, the US consumes just over 20% of the oil.

Outrage is fun.  It might, however, be misdirected.

It's that way with our outrage more than we might care to admit.

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