The big question is, "Why are you writing a blog?"  Well, this isn't just A blog.  This is about the 7th blog I've started.  My powers of stick-to-it-iveness are astounding, aren't they?

However, previously I was never really clear why I was starting one.  Was it to be funny or to reveal some of my personality?  Was I hoping to change the world with it or convert the masses?  Or, was I just trying to write down some of the stories that I thought were important to me, maybe with the goal of sharing them with my kids or my family or my friends?

Now I confess that I'm really doing this for me.  I'm doing it because I have a lot going on with myself as pastor and leader and person of God.  I do have a perspective.  And I do read things that I want to reflect on a little more.  I'm hoping this gives me a place for that.

As the blog name says, this is my epistle.  I don't expect it to enter into our official canon of the church and I really don't claim any expertise on any of the subjects I'm addressing.  These are the things I think.  These are the thoughts I have.  And I do say them on this blog as a Christian, a United Methodist, and Pastor.   I'm hoping they have bearing on how I do ministry.  And if anyone actually reads any of it, I hope it challenges them or gives them an understanding of God or the church or, really, just me.

Look, I don't know if I'll keep this thing up past a month...or two...or a year...or whatever.  However, I'm intent on letting this be an integral part of my spiritual life and reflection.

So, if you're actually reading this.  Welcome to my journey.