What Song Are You Listening To? -- Fascinating

iPod Shuffle Earphones                                       Image via WikipediaSo, a guy with a camera and a microphone goes around the streets of New York City, asking anyone and everyone with headphones on "What song are you listening to?"  And the people share what it is that they are listening to.  I found this fascinating, not because there was a lot of mainstream pop, which there was.  I'd expect that.  Not because the music selections were mostly new artists.  I'd expect that when considering the ages of folks I see walking around with headphones in.  I found it fascinating because there is all this music going on all around us, with people walking to different beats styles and in their own little musical worlds, oblivious to the sounds coming from around them.  I found it fascinating because I think it's indicative of how we segregate ourselves off from the rest of our communities.  We put our headphones on and, in a sense, we...are...alone.


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