"Everyone Wants Better. No One Wants Change."

"Everyone wants better.  No one wants change."

"Everyone wants better.  No one wants change."

I love that quote.

I love the picture.

And I resonated with this as soon as I read it HERE and followed to the article on leadership HERE.  Because I want better and I don't want change.  I started off the year saying I was trying to read a book a month...but life happened and my time's gotten away from me.  I say I want to save up for a vacation for our 20th anniversary this year, but I don't put in the effort to squirrel the money away.  After all, I want my lattes.  I want to keep losing weight, but here I sit, still pondering the calories from my HUGE hamburger and fries from Red Robin restaurant last night.  Yes, I want better but I don't want change.

What's scary though is the fact that no one wants change.  Most everyone can visualize something better for themselves...or their family...or their church.  But we don't want to put in the effort to get to that better place or we don't want to suffer the change of location or the change of routine or the change of job or the change of habit that will get us to that goal.

But isn't that part of the role of Christian discipleship?  Getting persons to that better place, a more faithful place?

And here I am, change-resistant myself, called to lead persons in becoming new creations in Christ.

How's that supposed to work?