My Daughter Came in to Pitch in Tonight's Game

This was her first time pitching at the "Junior" level and she was brought in when our team was already ahead 20-6.  Her role was to get folks out and save the arms of our more seasoned pitchers so they could pitch another day.  No one hit her hard.  There was an infield single.  She got a grounder and threw someone out at home.  No runs scored. 

I'm proud of my daughter for being the only girl in her league.  I was real proud that she could come in and pitch well during the playoffs...even if the game wasn't "on the line."

These pictures are from the warmups.  My wife tried to shoot some video and the battery died.  But Moriah's "real" pitches looked about the same.

She did well. 

Go Moriah.

Go Cubs.

We have another game tomorrow.


  1. Awesome!!! I'm sure her parents are pleased :-)

  2. Yes, parents are pleased. So were her teammates.