The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God is not a low risk, blue chip investment created by the brokers of religion for consumption, to make life better...or for retirement in some eternal resort. It can't be calmly considered, and casually digested. God's Kingdom can not be domesticated, it can't be franchised and placed along side the other proprietors of religious goods. It's leader, Jesus can't be restrained, leashed and muzzled from his continuous challenge of our selfish way of life.

We have North Americanized Jesus, making him a Spiritual Guru selling the american dream. He comes rather tamely, in a three piece suit, or as cool tidy up a few bad habits, make us better people, more prosperous, more cool...sending us back into the world grateful for the self-help. It seems the North American Jesus leads us every where except into the Kingdom of God. It's interesting that we have success at fitting " christianity " into our culture...but trying to fit the Kingdom into the world is like trying to hammer a square peg into our hole.

From Ron Cole
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