New Altar For Girdwood Chapel

Our friends from Ellisville, Mississippi ("Zeb Manning's Team" as we call them around here), have been up to work on Girdwood Chapel SEVEN times now.  We have been blessed to have them up here and blessed to get to know so many of their workers over the year.  As a special treat, this year we asked if they would be willing to design an altar out of one of the support beams for the church.  This was a beam that we pulled into the church in the winter of 2005 and then had to cut.  This is a section of that beam...representing the support, the foundation of our church.  It has a story around it.

And now we have an altar made from that beam.

Thanks be to God.

Altar being constructed in the Narthex/Gathering Room.

Altar drying in the mechanical room.