Not Everything Has to Be About Jesus

I shared one of my favorite children's stories Sunday at church.  I changed what I was originally going to do because I got distracted by a squirrel climbing on on one of our outdoor beams.  So, I told this story instead.

A pastor was leading a worship service talking about "God the Creator" and he wanted to help the kids appreciate some of the animals in the world around them and talk about how God created them.  He started off this way:

"I'm going to see if you can guess what it is I'm thinking of.  This is an animal that is sometimes brown and sometimes gray.  In many parts of the US it has a bushy tail....."

No hands go up.  The kids stare blankly.

"Well, this thing I'm thinking of likes to climb trees and bird feeders and, sometimes, even homes and churches..."

Nothing from the kids.

"This creature likes to collect nuts and store them away for the winter...."

There was a long pause.

Finally, a little girl raises her hand.

"Yes, Mary," says the Pastor.  "What is it I'm describing here?

"Well," says Mary, "I'm pretty sure you're talking about a squirrel, but I know you want me to say "Jesus."

Or, I came across this funny Facebook dialogue which talks about Jesus:

How often do we, as Pastors or Christians over-spiritualize events or conversations, making them be about Jesus when really they don't need to be...or may be about something else entirely?

How often do we try to make great theological lessons out of the mundane...only because we feel we need to do it?  Or because we're trying VERY hard to evangelize?

I know as a pastor I can jump to the gun and look for opportunities to bring Jesus into a situation that, really, is out of place.  I'm sure that I have a tendency to pontificate and get "all religious" when dealing with folks. It's partly an occupational problem.

What do you think?  Do you over-spiritualize?