Would We Really Want God as President?

Found this over at Pastor Dan's Grace Notes from Anchorage, just up the road about 35 miles or so.  Pastor Dan's blog post was entitled "Commie God."  Not sure I have the guts to do that.  However, I do agree that there are some, let's say, more "socialistic" aspects of the Kingdom of God expressed in Scripture that doesn't get the same play from those who most vocally want to return to a Judeo-Christian politics.  There's a whole lot in the Bible that deals with health care and poverty and unity that we'd have to deal with.  While some on the Christian "left" my talk about all of this as "social justice" I think it sounds a whole lot like socialism when you hear it from the right.

Perhaps a better question of whether we'd want God as president is whether God could possibly be elected?

I'm thinking God wouldn't have a chance.