Are You Ready for Some Football (Fantasy Football, that is)?

For the first time ever, I branched off of Yahoo leagues and joined a pastoral league with Matt Kelly as the commissioner.  Matt is a United Methodist pastor from Nashville, TN who writes at "The Truth As Best I Know It." 

This new league is on Facebook, through Sports Illustrated.  It is a new setup for me.  I was very unhappy with how SI ran the draft.  It was "autopick" which can be a problem.  But, unlike Yahoo (and other leagues) that makes sure you get a complete roster, with all positions filled, this one didn't do it.  I ended the draft last night with NO QUARTERBACK, NO TIGHT END, AND NO KICKER.  That meant I had to very quickly get onto the system to add and drop a few players.  And, today, I completed a trade with another "owner" who had SIX QUARTERBACKS.  I had to give up my top Wide Receiver and a good Running Back to secure a top Quarterback.

Anyway, the season starts Thursday and I now have a complete team at my disposal.

Are you ready for some football?