How Our Post-9/11 World Changed A Joke

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This is sad. 

This is very sad.

Yesterday, on, of course, the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11, I was driving my teenage daughters and a friend around Girdwood as they participated in a "Photo Scavenger Hunt" for our youth group meeting.

As we're driving, one of them says,

"Why was six afraid of seven?"

Well, this is a joke.  It's a silly joke.  The correct answer, as I and everyone else knows, is

"Because seven ate nine?"

And then there's supposed to be a goofy kind of laughter that follows such a goofy kind of joke.

However, that's not the answer that was given.

The teen who told the joke said,

"Why was six afraid of seven?...  BECAUSE SEVEN WAS A TERRORIST!"

And they laughed.

I didn't laugh.

While they were just being "teenagers" and acting up for each other, it made me sad that terrorism would become the punch line to a joke.  I'm sure I'm reading more into this than needs to be there.  One can do that with teens quite easily.

But it still made me sad.

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