The iPhone 5: To Have Real Light Saber & Be Edible!

I am a self-professed "Apple Fanboy." I type this on a MacBook Pro. I have myself an iPad which I use throughout the day. My iPod Touch contains all my music and podcasts. And I pay attention to all of the media hype surrounding Apple products. I don't, however, have an iPhone.

Today, Apple will reveal it's next iPhone. iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, whatever it is, will get a lot of media hype. What's so very cool is that Jimmy Kimmel's parking lot security guard has provided the scoop of some of the expected features. It has a real light saber and will be edible. Plus, a new boomerang feature will enable it to be thrown and come back to you. This will help with all the hunting I can do with it down in Australia.