"Boogerpants!" No More

Oh, to be four years old again. 

This was a conversation I had with Bethany this morning as I was attempting to get her and her twin sister out of the house.  At the time, Abigail, as usual, was tormenting Bethany.

Bethany:  Daddy, Abigail called me a BOOGERPANTS!

Me:  Are you a boogerpants?

Bethany: No!

Me:  Do you, right now, have any boogers on your pants?

Bethany:  No!

Me:  Then, you're not a boogerpants.  Now please go brush your teeth.

Isn't interesting that, from a very early age, we're inclined to define ourselves by how others see us. "Boogerpants" might be a somewhat extreme example.

How many overweight kids see themselves primarily as "the fat kid" because that's what others call them?

How many girls live into the role of being "easy" because they get called names like "slut" or "whore?"

How many boys become the class bully because they're trying to live up to some ideal of "tough" or "manly" that's been set by others?

How many kids can't quite seem to shake the "nerd" or "geek" label that's been thrust upon them?

How many adults try to be "Supermom" or "Superdad" and spend all their time and energy trying to fake being a "Super Family" when everything's falling apart?

All along, we're only seeing ourselves as others see us, somehow forgetting to see ourselves as God sees us, as beloved children of God...

"BOOGERPANTS!" no more.