Gratitude Journal -- Personal Stuff I'm Thankful For

 And, on we go with my gratitude journal.  Six days of thanking God for 10 things, with no repeats.  Today I'm thanking my God for stuff that makes

  1. For my sense of humor (I'm a very funny guy).
  2. For humility (which is sometimes thrust upon me)
  3. For my ability to communicate
  4. For blessing me with a good education.
  5. For giving me many wonderful life experiences, not the least of which is living in Girdwood, Alaska for the past 11.5 years.
  6. For the friends who have supported me and loved me all my life.
  7. For the joy of biking.
  8. For my love of music and ability to sing.
  9. For a passion for people and a love of their stories.
  10. For good health so far.