Horrible Christmas Nativity -- December 3


Yes, that's right, A ZOMBIE NATIVITY!!!

It's amazing what you can find when you go through Etsy. 

Now, perhaps there can be some theological discussion about Zombies and resurrection.  And, perhaps we can even point to some connection between eating brains and eating body and drinking blood.  But I'll bet that this had nothing to do with the creation of this nativity.

The write up on the Etsy site is wrong on so many levels:

Deck your halls with something gory from the little town of Deathlehem this Christmas.

After three days in the grave, an unmarried zombie couple rose again and was visited by three undead wise men and a recently deceased shepherd. Gaspar was just impaled, Balthasar lost his head, and Melchior was burned to death in an unfortunate myrrh related accident. The shepherd's head has been smashed in and his brain is exposed, much to the delight of his bloodthirsty sheep. Joseph is oblivious to his stab wounds as he watches Mary partake in the "body of Christ." No need to wait for transubstantiation!