What Would You Change Your Name To?

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On Monday I had a conversation with a person I know pretty well.  I don't see them that often, but we have run in similar circles once upon a time.

This person has been through a divorce which has been a long process for everyone involved, particularly the kids.  It came time to change her name back to her maiden name...a name she hadn't been called in many years.  So, she went to her lawyer and asked about the proper procedure for doing so.  It's all a matter of paperwork, as one might guess.

Well, as she was meeting with her lawyer, her lawyer told her, "You know, you can change your first name, too...if you want to."

That thought had never occurred to her before.  She'd had one name for 40+ years.  It was strange thinking she could change that.

But she did.

She talked with her family and tried to find something that meant something for who she is today and what her family history is.

And, while it's a little odd to just change your names like that, I also think it's kind of cool.  I know that, as Christians, we take on the name, "Christian" when we are baptized.  Or, as a representation of this new life, many children take on a Christian name or a Saint's name when they are baptized.   So, name-changing isn't completely off the wall for us.

But what about changing your name not as a response to a faith awakening but just because you can?

What would you change your name to?

I've said in the past that I'd change mine to "Spike."  (There's a "Spike" in the community and this has nothing to do with him.

My sense is that, as someone who has played by the rules (mostly) throughout life, who has been a "nerd" and a "geek" and now is fully settled into a role of "Father" for five kids, "Spike" is kind of an alter ego.  I think I'd have fun being a "Spike."

Or, at times, I think it would be cool to be named after a great prophet.  "Jeremiah Doepken."  "Elijah Doepken."  "Isaiah Doepken."

It's not that there's anything wrong with "Jim."  I love the fact that I'm named after my grandfather.

It's just kind of fun to dream a little bit.
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