Rowan Williams on Sin

This is just a section of a quote I pulled out over at Richard Hall's Blog-- Connexions. Richard is a Methodist pastor over in Wales and it's nice to see his perspective. Rowan Williams is the current Archbishop of Canterbury.

“… That, after all, is what sin is. It isn’t some sort of high-drama Satanic defiance, shaking your fists at the lightning. It isn’t even exciting naughtiness. It’s just the condition of being seriously wrong about reality and living against the grain. The committed sinner is the equivalent of the person who is convinced that you can make trains run on black coffee and is determined to go on trying, however much the evidence stacks up in favour of the more usual options. Sin is therefore bound to be, in the long run, deeply frustrating and, objectively speaking, very boring indeed. And on this basis, if you think about the devil, don’t think of him as some heroic defender of moral liberty, but as being tragically and pathetically locked up in delusions.

Rowan Williams & Joan Chittister, For All That Has Been, Thanks: Growing a Sense of Gratitude (Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2010), pp. 52-53.

It's an interesting take on sin.