Christian Unity

Unity in DiversityImage by Untitled blue via FlickrI don't have enough time in my days with my wife out of town to follow all that's gone on at Rachel Held Evan's site and her "Rally To Restore Unity."  It's been a week of posts and guest posts about how we live together as Christian brothers and sisters while still disagreeing.  It's been funny.  It's been moving. And I just haven't had the time to reflect on all that I've wanted to reflect on.  (This might mean it becomes a summer series at some point so I can spend time talking about it!).

Anyway, I just read a bit by Sonny Lemmons and thought I'd share on a beautiful Saturday morning before I start facing the various tasks of the day....

There are a number if leaders (for want of a better term) in Christian ministry whom I -quite honestly - don't care for. They represent the Gospel in a way which, to me, augments hatred, intolerance, and self-importance in their interpretation of how we as believers are called to be in this world. Yet they're still family. Kind of like those strange cousins you know you have but just don't talk about all that often.

Because they're family (through blood - get it?), we often joke that we might not have to like 'em, but we do have to love 'em. However, ultimately it's a choice. We choose to love them. We choose to show them the mercy and grace they might not show others, because we choose let Christ's example guide us. It's never easy, and they may never understand or reciprocate it. But that's what love ultimately embodies.

Love may win, but in the meantime, let's at least try to act like we can tolerate each other.
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