Harold Camping, The Rapture, And Me

raptureImage by ChuckHolton via FlickrI enjoyed what Rachel Held Evans says about Harold Camping and the Rapture which he predicted for today. You can see the whole post over here. The whole thing's good. I thought the part below here was real good.

I confess that beneath my playful derision lies a hint of fear, not that I’ll be “left behind” but that I’m already caught up—in a delusion, in false hope, in a God of my own making…and perhaps, in a looming Great Disappointment.

Like it or not, Harold Camping and his followers make us laugh because we see a small piece of our faith in theirs. They are exaggerated caricatures of ourselves.

We too are guilty of projecting onto God our expectations and desires.

We too can get overconfident in our interpretations of the Bible.

We too expect God to judge the way we think he should judge, act when we think he should act, be who we think he should be.

And, you gotta admit,  there’s a chance that we too might be absolutely, devastatingly, irrecoverably wrong.
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  1. Anonymous

    She's absolutely right: each person either rejects the idea of a god or gods, or makes him what he thinks he should be. Otherwise, his revelation would be unequivocal, not subject to debate or discussion, but His word instead of what we have, men's words.

  2. Ahh, but there are many that believe the revelation of God in Scripture is unequivocal, not subject to debate or discussion. That's what got Rob Bell into hot water. Where this seems to break down is when we forget that we can only see in a mirror dimly now...that we're humans... or, as Francis Chan says in a video I'll post tomorrow, that "I am one lump of clay trying to tell another lump of clay what the potter is like."