HARSH! Osama bin Laden. Loving Enemies. A Critique by Bill Maher.

He's very harsh here...but I think right on the money.  Bill Maher has this monologue -- a mini-homily, really -- in response to the celebration of Christians to the death of Osama bin Laden a month or so ago.  He says that, that whole "loving enemies" thing that Jesus talks about is a pretty major part of the teachings of Jesus and that one really can't call themselves Christians if they deny this by hating enemies and hunting them down to kill them.  He claims that, if Christians ignore "turning the other cheek" and the call to love those who do them wrong, they are merely FANS of Jesus and NOT FOLLOWERS.  He says that this is "like joining Greenpeace and hating whales."

This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  There is swearing in it.

But, after spending so much time reflecting on Davin Kinnaman's book UNCHRISTIAN, it's interesting hearing a self-proclaimed non-Christian tell Christians that they aren't being Christian enough...all the while using our own Bible as evidence against us.