Is THIS What Our Churches Need to Be Telling the World

This is a cartoon from AsboJesus and I think it hits at an important part of the missional/attractional discussion.  For years, we've been telling the nonchurched folk in the world that they needed to be transformed into some "cookie cutter" Christian if they were to follow Jesus.  In Alaska, we told the native peoples they had to adopt our language and styles of dress.  In the US, becoming Christian is often seen as going hand in hand with becoming an upwardly mobile white American.  We've told people to not only become like us in faith, but become like us in culture, music tastes, politics, language, etc.  While I still want to say that following Christ involves a life-change (repentance and regeneration), it seems that we're not stressing the uniformity as much anymore.

Perhaps now we're getting around to understanding the variety of persons and personalities & cultures who love Jesus and can still manage to disagree on important issues.  It's the church that's adapting, with the realization that following Christ can be done in a myriad of ways.