Harry Potter and Faith

P Harry PotterImage via WikipediaWell, it's not a real letter but it is the letter that Christian musician Andrew Peterson "might" send to J.K. Rowling.  It's from his blog post "Harry Potter, Jesus, and Me."

Dear Ms. Rowling,

I think it’s remarkable what you’ve done. I love your imagination. I love your characterization and your sense of humor. I love that you’re telling a story about choosing the right thing, even when it’s hard. I love that you’re telling a story that is full of wisdom, a story that reminds me how evil Evil is. Most of all, I love that your story reminds me that light is stronger than darkness, that the best way to love is to lay your life down, and that Death will not have the final say. By the way, I’m a follower of Christ, and I see him in your story. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not, but you should know that he’s in there. In fact, it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to say that reading your books has helped me to praise him even more for his courage, his sacrifice, and his strength to conquer the hosts of hell to save us.


Andrew Peterson

I know there are lots of Christians out there who get their knickers in a twist at the thought of a young wizard going up against a dark lord.  But there really is a lot of about friendship and love and mercy in this series.  I confess to only having read the first three (I'm a slow reader and don't read much fiction) but I've thoroughly enjoyed the movies and look forward to seeing the last of these tomorrow.  And, along with Andrew Peterson, I believe we Christians are able to see the hand of God in many things the world offers...including Harry Potter.

What do you think?
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