I'm Getting Too Old to Watch Baseball (Let Alone PLAY It)

Last night was the third night of great baseball in a row.  "Great," in part, because my daughter's team won.  "Great," mostly, because they were close and were well-played.  Even if the "Cubs" had lost they would have each been "great" games.

My daughter plays on the Junior League in Anchorage.  She's the only girl playing in our league.  In the citywide tournament that's going on now, there hasn't been a girl in all of the other teams they've faced. All the other girls have dropped out of baseball altogether or are now playing softball. But, not my daughter.  She wanted to hang in there with the boys and even though she's not as strong a player as some of the guys on her team, she's held her own.  Occasionally she gets a hit.  Occasionally she scores a run.  She does pretty well in the field.  And when any of this happens I am overjoyed for her.  And I want her to enjoy it as well.  I'm her dad. I want the best for her.

But after three tight games in a row, I've determined that I'm too old to be WATCHING baseball, let alone PLAYING it.   These games are stressing me out. 

Last night our daughter started off in right field.  Every time the ball was hit her way, I could feel my nerves get the better of me.  I couldn't pray the ball into her glove hard enough.  She had a nice catch in her only chance at one.  She had a good "hustle" play where she backed up the centerfielder and made a strong throw to second (she has great arm strength).  While she didn't get a hit, she held her own against a very good pitcher.

I want her to win.  I want he to do well.  I want her to catch every ball that comes her way.   I want her to get hits every time she's up.  I want her to come home with the tying run (which she did the night before last).  I want her to do the best she can and have the time of her life doing it.  I don't think I'm living vicariously through her.  I just want her to enjoy what she's doing.

But watching these games is stressing me out.  Three close games in a row.  Every at-bat counts.  Every dropped ball is a missed opportunity.  Every questionable call from the umpire is greeted with displeasure from parents on one side or the other.

And it's not just my daughter I'm stressed out for now.  Now it's the whole team.  They're a great bunch of kids.  I wish them all the best.

I just wish they'd win an easy one.

There's another game on Monday.  That would be a good day for an easy one.

I'm getting too old for these close ones.


  1. You should have to watch her pitch the games too! Then it gets really stressful. I sooo feel your pain.

  2. I was asked to work with her on pitching because, if we keep winning, we'll have 5 games in 4 days.. depleting our pitching staff. Moriah pitched some in "majors" and she's not pitched at this level before. GULP!