"Think Apple is Done Changing the World? Think Different."

Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBaseFrom Eric Savitz at Forbes Magazine:

Steve is one of a kind, our generation’s Thomas Edison and Henry Ford rolled into one. He has changed the world in too many ways to recount here. And with his decision to step away from the company’s day-to-day operations, investors will once again face the question about how the company will fare without him leading the charge...

Apple is going to be fine. Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs, but he is a talented, highly respected executive who has been running Apple’s day-to-day operations for years. And Cook is not running the show alone. Apple has a deep bench, including superstars like industrial designer Jonathan Ive, marketing guru Phil Schiller and iPhone software specialist Scott Forstall...

Think Apple is done changing the world? Think different.
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