Brilliant Cartoon By "NakedPastor" (David Hayward)

I frankly didn't know how to title this post except "Brilliant Cartoon By NakedPastor." For those who just clicked here because you saw "Naked Pastor" in the title, I'm happy to point out that David is a former church leader, who now calls himself a "graffiti artist on the walls of religion." The nakedness he refers to is the baring of his soul and personality through his posts and drawings. He writes over here.

Anyway, this cartoon just blew me away. It's called "Sisyphus Revisited," recounting that famous Greek myth about a king who is forced to roll a big boulder up a hill only to see it roll back down, time and time again. It's a metaphor, perhaps, of how we struggle in life only to be faced with more struggles again. It's a metaphor, perhaps, for human pride in our accomplishments, which vanish away.

Regardless... This blew me away this morning.

How much over the last 11 years have I struggled for this church and how often has it felt as if God was pushing us back down...perhaps to make us realize we only build if he build and we only grow if he grows us?

How much to we try to lift up the church, here and around the world, only glorifying the church and not our God?

How do we give up the struggle and allow God to lift us up?

For me...

this morning...

this is brilliant.