Confession Time: I Ate the Donut Burger (Pics Included)

People around the world are starving.  Persons in our own country, and our own town, go to bed hungry every night.  And yesterday, at the State Fair, I paid $10 for a bacon cheeseburger, with a fried egg, with a donut instead of a bun.

I need to confess that...along with the fact I've been trying to continue losing weight and this "Donut Burger" was clearly something that could not be worked into any died plan.

But, in my defense... I had really only eaten some soup and shared some almonds at this point.

And, in my defense... it was actually smaller than I thought it would be.

And, in my defense...  I figured I might as well get something that I'm not going to get again anytime soon.

And, in my defense... 


Let me just say that it was quite good.  Not "to die for" as had been described to me and probably "to die of" if one would eat several of them.  But it was good.  It was quite good.  The two main taste sensations that come through are the sweet + salty taste of the donut and the bacon.  While the main textures are the ground beef and the egg.  There's actually a lot going on with it and, I couldn't think of any condiments one would add to make it taste better.

My wife tried some as well and agreed that it was good.  Kind of like a breakfast sandwich.  And, perhaps, really not that much different than and Egg McMuffin with a donut instead of an English muffin.  It was well worth the novelty of it for me and I made sure that my dinner last night only consisted of fruits and vegetables.

Here are the pics (Note the jackets as it was about 50 degrees and windy as we started our day at the Fair.)