Why I Don't Hate Halloween

Angry Mouth Pumpkin

I know there are many reasons to hate Halloween.

I should hate it because it's candy-filled, contributing to obesity, general bad health, and child labor for the chocolate industry.

I should hate it because of it's association with the occult (witches, warlock, magic) and violence (costumes with blood and gore, slasher flicks).

I should hate it because women feel a need to dress in skimpy outfits as they become the "sexy nurse" or "sexy devil" or "sexy viking"  (maybe that last one was a stretch, but I did see a sexy viking costume this weekend).

I should hate it because it brings children into a fantasy world with unhealthy expectations (the princess who is bound to find her "prince charming."

I should hate it because, for adults, it's a huge excuse to consume large quantities of alcohol.

I should hate it because there's a connection to criminal behavior and vandalism (see Detroit's "Devil's Night.")

And, let's face it, those are all good reasons to hate Halloween.  Good for you if you can't stand the holiday.

But I don't hate it.

I don't hate it because I like dressing up in costume, trying to come up with something witty or "punny."  While my costumes are never as ornate as many others, I'm a sucker for a costume that has a lot of creativity to it.

I don't hate it because I think it's a great opportunity to pull people together in a community.

And, finally, I don't hate it because I think my children are adorable and I love going around door to do with them to get some candy, watching how they interact with the folks who are at home, and how they enjoy pretending, if just for a little while.

May you enjoy your Halloween, wherever you are, and whatever you'll do.