Why I'm Angry

Two days ago I posted that I was "Burning With Anger."  It's still true. And I'm tired of being angry.  I want to get over it.

But below is some amount of detail for why I'm angry.  It will be somewhat vague because I want to be cautious about what I say here.  But, I want to say something.  All the while, I want to be fair to everyone involved and avoid saying anything that is untrue or mean-spirited.  Sometimes when people are angry, they say things they don't want to say.  I'll try to avoid that.  Once said, you can't unsay it...and that is definitely the case on the internet.

So, here's what happened...

My wife, along with her principal and supervising teacher, painstakingly put together a schedule that would allow her to student teach in our K-8 school while meeting the various expectations upon her time at the school.  An anonymous complaint was made by a coworker directly to the union about the schedule without first trying to address any concerns with my wife.

The original complaint appears to have some erroneous information in it.  The complainer was upset about seeing  a non-paid person in the library apparently doing my wife's job.  However, she was merely a volunteer who had been helping one day a week for a couple of years.  The end result of the whole ordeal, a week of phone calls and emails, is that my wife is no longer the school librarian and she hopes to regain the position after her student teaching time is over five weeks from now.

It does mean a loss of pay for our family.  It also means that Julie has had to give up the part of her job that she loves most.  But, more, it means that a coworker chose not to address their concerns face to face so that Julie could clear up misunderstandings and hear where, perhaps, changes could be made to fix the real or perceived problems.

I'm angry because this has caused our family (and my wife) great stress this week.

I'm angry because this is something that has real financial ramifications for our family.

I'm mostly angry because someone "used the system" anonymously instead of dealing with a problem head-on.  It's cowardly.  It's bullying.  And it's someone I love dearly who was bullied.

I'll get over my anger.  Life will go on.  The sun will shine at some point.  But it pains me greatly to have my wife hurt.