Gratitude Journal -- Worldwide Stuff I'm Thankful For

Well, on Thanksgiving Day, I thought I'd bring my gratitude to the whole wide world.  These are some issues around the world I want to thank God for today:

  1. That it looks like American troops will finally be leaving least is appears that way.
  2. For the lessons of reconciliation learned from Rwanda and South Africa.
  3. For expressions of celebration in some of the poorest parts of the world.
  4. The work on the United Methodist Church and others against malaria.
  5. For the example of partnership shown by Bono and George W. Bush in Africa.
  6. For the great big world of music out there.
  7. The Arab Spring uprisings and what it might mean for freedom in those parts of the world.
  8. For immigrants to the US and the culture they bring with them.
  9. For my blogging friends from Canada and the work they are doing throughout their country.
  10. For the amazing beauty of the earth which I get to see more and more of through the wonder of the internet.