How Many View the Role of Women in Ministry

This is a wonderfully enticing ad for a conference in Atlanta, featuring some of the hot shots in the evangelical movement. 

I'm familiar with a couple of these guys.

I'm also familiar with how many of them view the role of women in ministry: to support their husbands but to have very little official authority in the life of the church.  Take a look at the "Pastor's Wives Track." I have been served and taught and led by a number of outstanding women in ministry and am thankful that I belong to a denomination that would face much internal criticism if it tried to pull off a conference that was segregated in this way.  I'm not quite sure how Trisha Davis gets to speak alongside her husband.

Mind you, I'm sure there will be a lot of great teaching at the conference. I'd love to hear Pete Wilson, Ed Stetzer, and Chris Seay.  But I can't believe what gets said on the main floor and in that wonderful "Pastor's Wives Track" wouldn't be beneficial for all.