Pregnancy and Advent

My pregnant wife

I found this yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks--

“Wendy Wright, in her book of reflections on keeping watch in the season of Christ’s coming, says this, “Of all types of waiting, the waiting of pregnancy is most like the waiting that we do during Advent.

The waiting of pregnancy is like the waiting we do for God.

Advent is a season of waiting; we wait for the coming of God.

We need him to come. Our world is messed up and we are messed up. We lament our condition and long for God to set things right, to make us better.

So we pray and watch for signs of his presence. We do all we know to do so that we are open and ready. In the midst of hardship and disappointment, we continue to wait. We wait in hope. We believe that something is happening in our world, something is taking shape in our lives; something large, light-filled and life-giving. Even in December’s lengthening darkness, this seed of joyful hope grows within us.

We are pregnant with it.

In our waiting, we are enlarged.

God is coming!”

(From Living the Christian Year, page 35.) via