Question: What limits are we to put on love?

Fence Row

I ask this question because this week's theme in worship is LOVE ALL.

And, while I think that's a "nice idea," should there be some limits to that love?

Or, if that question seems a bit rough, what if we asked, "What are the boundaries to love?" Are there no boundaries whatsoever, or, for the sake of self-preservation do we need to put up safeguards to reign in our love? After all, it would seem that in Christ Jesus we see what happens when someone loves without boundaries.

What does it mean to really "LOVE ALL?"

So, what do you think?


  1. Excellent question. I don't have an answer but the question has certainly gotten me to thinking.

    I will say I think it is difficult to say what your limits are on your love until it has been actually tested. I would like to think I don't put limits on love but I can imagine situations where I would be personally challenged to love.