Conversation After Church Sunday

Jonah preaching to the Ninevites, by Gustave Doré.Image via Wikipedia

Regular AttendeeEither your preaching is getting much better or I'm listening much better.

MeProbably a little of both.

Actually, I think that's exactly right.  My preaching has "felt" really good as of late.  I've been engaged in series that have really had my interest and so I've felt personally invested in them.  The process of writing them has been good as well.  I'm thankful.  It's not every sermon that I get to the end of it and thank God for what I think is a really strong and faithful sermon.  But, lately it's been more frequent.

As for the regular attendee, I can't really say whether or not this person listening better but I can say that they are asking a lot more questions and following up afterwards.  My guess is that they, too, are more invested in the listening.

Perhaps we're both getting more out of it, then.
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