Church Is A Verb Sunday -- Pictures

We had worship at 9 AM, then followed it with a "sending out" at 10 AM.  We were engaged in several "verb-like" activities.

  • A "Bathroom Brigade" went out with cleaning buckets to clean bathrooms in area businesses, just because we love them.
  • Children, with adult leaders, were unleashed on Forest Fair Park and the playground to collect garbage...and were rewarded with an unscheduled trip to the Ice Cream Shop.
  • Our "Cookie Flingers" went out into the community with about 130 bags of homemade cookies with notes inside saying "Just a simple way to share the love."  This is something we do several times a year.
  • We had persons working on a mosaic on a planter along Alyeska Highway.
  • We had food being collected for our Food Pantry at the Crow Creek Mercantile and we had food being distributed at the Chapel.
  • Back at the church, several persons stayed behind and textured the walls of the Narthex to get them ready for primer this week.
  • We had a small change in schedule as we had originally hoped to be cutting wood for a local person in need.  That, however, will have to wait.

Overall, it was an awesome day.  What a blessing it is to go out in the community and just "love" it in acts of service.

See pics below.