Facebook Do's and Don'ts for Pastors

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseI have a pastor friend on Facebook who has, at least according to a member (or members) of his church, shared controversial posts and comments on Facebook.  I understand that "controversial" is in the eye of the beholder and clergy need to realize that their Facebook updates, their "Tweets," their blog posts end up speaking not only for them personally, but for the larger church.  So, sometimes those comments that we felt were utterly harmless can seem dangerous to those who hold opposing views or take what we say out of context. 

So, as I have pondered this, I came across the following from Steve Cornell at Wisdom for Life

Beyond this, consider some Do’s and Don’ts for pastors who update and tweet:
Seven Do’s  

  1. Announce events and teaching themes
  2. Link to helpful resources
  3. Encourage others
  4. Let people know a little about your life
  5. Share Scriptures and helpful quotes
  6. Ask for prayer for yourself and others
  7. Limit your time on networks
Seven Don’ts

  1. Post anything that you would fear being read at Church
  2. Engage ongoing conversations with the opposite sex
  3. Fish for affirmation or support
  4. Post ambiguous or manipulative statements
  5. Vent about Church matters or members
  6. Become combative or defensive
  7. Embarrass your family with comments or photos
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