A Prayer for a Community

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I saw this yesterday on the Cost of Community website of Jamie Arpin-Ricci in Canada.  (You can read more about him here.)  It made me wonder what a community which prayed this prayer regularly would be like?  The prayer is very liturgical, very rich.  I particularly love the section which reads "Remind us of our sinful brokenness and your gift of grace as we encounter brokenness in others." It's beautiful.

The Prayer of Little Flowers Community

Lord and Creator, let us embrace the costly blessings which you desire for us,
blessings that confound the wisdom and strength of this world.
Teach us to be your agents of preservation in a world touched by death,
and beacons of hope in a world shrouded in darkness.

Transform us into your image through the crucible of the cross, writing your mandates upon our hearts, made pure by you perfect love.  Embolden us to be your ambassadors, living as representatives of your holy kingdom, stirring in us your love for others,especially for those who would seek to destroy us because of you.

Make us decrease so that you might increase, as a watching world sees you, not us.
Daily we declare that your priorities are ours, even before our own needs and desires.
Every moment we live, we live for your glory—the glory of a loving Father and a just King.
Free us of any distraction, craving or anxiety that would keep us from fully following you.

For we acknowledge that everything we could possibly need is yours to give us.

Remind us of our sinful brokenness and your gift of grace as we encounter brokenness in others. You are the answer to our every question. you are the treasure that we desperately seek, and it is you who invite us into your salvation, as prodigals returning to the Father’s embrace.

Keep us upon your path of righteousness and justice, bearing the good fruit of your Spirit,
for it is on you, Lord Jesus, that all hope is built, for all of creation, now and forever more.

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