Gratitude Journal -- Material Stuff I'm Thankful For

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In the spirit of Black Friday's rampant consumerism, which has been in the news today, I thought I'd offer 10 material things for which I'm thankful.  Yes, this is some of my favorite stuff:

  1. Our home (what a blessing this place has been for just about 10 years--as long as I've lived in any home)
  2. My really good Audio Technica headphones
  3. My winter hats
  4. My favorite coffee cup (the one from Leola's workshop)
  5. The cross from the Alaska Conference
  6. My iPad.
  7. The internet (which has opened up my world beyond what I could have dreamed)
  8. My bike (even though I'm still holding out for a road bike!)
  9. My Honda Pilot (somewhat less thankful for the Suburban)
  10. My wedding ring (this list is not in order of perceived thankfulness)
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